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722 Low Voltage Indicator pcb
722 Low Voltage LED Driver. Click image to download a datasheet.

822 Low Voltage Indicator pcb
822 Low Voltage LED Driver. Click image to download a datasheet.

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Low Voltage Alarm Led Drivers.

The 722 or 822 Low Voltage Alarm are simple, inexpensive solid state electronic assemblies designed to illuminate an external warning led if the measured voltage drops below a pre-set limit. Both versions of the Low Voltage Alarm can also be used to sound buzzers or drive high sensitivity relays.

Manufactured using industrial grade components, the Low Voltage Alarm has a basic accuracy of +/-0.5% and drives leds and buzzers up to 200mA, depending upon the load and model selected. It is therefore an ideal unit for monitoring batteries in a wide range of applications and providing a visual and/or audible warning should they fall below safe levels. The 822 includes a delay function between detectyion and fault warning and is suitable for systems where engine cranking or switch tripping causes momentary battery voltage dips.

Designed to switch the cathode of the led to battery negative during a fault, an option is available on the 722 to configure the unit to produce a logic 1 output in healthy mode if required. The 822 has a positive output configuration to drive the anode of an led with the cathode connected to battery negative.

Built to order and dispatched in 5-7 working days, the Low Voltage Alarm pcb is 40mm Long, 25mm Wide and 15mm High including terminations and is ideal for portable applications or any installation where space is limited.

The product is covered by a 2 year warranty against any defect in materials or workmanship.

As mentioned above the 822 Low Voltage Alarm includes a delay function so that a pre-set period of time elapses between low voltage detection and energisation of connected buzzers or leds, around 60 seconds as standard. Mounting holes are included and the pcb is sized at 55mm Long, 33.3mm Wide and 15mm High. 4 off M4 mounting holes suit standard pcb mounting pillars.

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Available in 6, 12 or 24V versions, the 722 and 822 Low Voltage Alarm is fully adjustable over the following ranges:-
6V Model: 4-8VDC, 12V Model: 9-16VDC, 24V Model: 18-32VDC.

CBCLVI-722-1/3 (6V) Low Voltage Alarm. 8.34 +VAT....
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CBCLVI-722-1/6 (12V) Low Voltage Alarm. 8.62 +VAT.... Add to Basket
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CBCLVI-822-1/3 (6V) Low Voltage Alarm. 10.62 +VAT....
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CBCLVI-822-1/6 (12V) Low Voltage Alarm. 10.90 +VAT.... Add to Basket
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