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713 Low Battery Alarm (LBA). Click image to download a datasheet.

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High or Low Battery Alarm.

The 713-1 12 or 24 volt High or Low Battery Alarm is solid state device which monitors the voltage of a 12 or 24v battery, and energises an internal sounder if the voltage falls below (Low Battery Alarm) or rises above (High Battery Alarm) the dial setting.

The alarm has a number of features including a compact design, (54mmL, 42mmW, 40mmD excluding flanges 9mm) easy connection using just two wires, reverse polarity protection, a fully adjustable and wide operating voltage range of 9-19V on the 12V model or 20-30V on the 24V model.

The unit is suitable for leisure applications including marine, camping and motor homes as well as industrial applications including off shore platforms and electrical substations.

It can be adjusted to indicate the real time battery voltage by adjusting the dial until the internal sounder tones which will indicate the voltage of the battery within +/- 100mV .

Four models are available with UK delivery around 5-7 working days (7-10 day international) from receipt of order. The following versions are available to order :-

CBCLBA-713-1 12V Low Battery Alarm. 45.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket
CBCLBA-713-1 24V Low Battery Alarm. 45.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket
CBCLBA-713-1 12V High Battery Alarm. 45.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket
CBCLBA-713-1 24V High Battery Alarm. 45.00 +VAT.... Add to Basket